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Watch the New England Patriots online to see if the team can once again bring home a Lombardi trophy. During the first five years of the Bill Belichick era, the Patriots brought home three Lombardi trophies. However, they did follow up an undefeated season in 2007 with a Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants. They have suffered other blown outs including losing a second-half lead in the 2006 AFC title matchup as well as a 2009 wild-card game against the Baltimore Ravens. They blew the number one seed in a divisional round home loss to the New York Jets in 2010 followed by another Super Bowl loss to the Giants. But let’s not overanalyze.

Let’s not forget that the Patriot superstar quarterback Tom Brady was 3-0 in Super Bowl wins during his first four years that he played. And although Brady has matured to become a much better quarterback in the last four years, his Super Bowl record in that time period is 0-2. Although most sports bar discussion would center on the definitive statement that any team’s win loss record speaks for itself, it really doesn’t speak accurate volumes about either Brady or the Patriots.

Tom Brady Patrots

It is true that the present-day Brady has far better arm strength and a lot more accuracy than the one that won all those Super Bowls early in his career. Additionally, today’s Brady is much more poised in the pocket. He has definitely mastered what is considered to be many overlooked quarterback skills such as the use of subtle body deceptions that include looking off defenders, employing different shoulder twists and small pump fakes or any other significant body gestures that compel opposing teams to make the wrong guesses allowing him to effectively cut through their defenses.

Present-day Brady performs well under pressure compared to any other league quarterbacks despite how many crushing, flying bodies are thrown at him during pass rushes. Nowadays, Brady never seems to be off-balance despite the amount of pressure put up in his face. Furthermore, he acts quite like the orchestra leader setting the game’s tempo, directing traffic and making sure everybody is on cue. Although he had glimpses of these skills winning those early-career Super Bowls, he is a much better quarterback in 2012 than he has ever been.

In 2012 the Patriots will have on the toughest offenses in the entire league. Brady will have some excellent weapons including TEs Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. A good argument can be made that Gronkowski is the best all-around tight end in the game today. Yet, Hernandez may be the better weapon of the two. Although Hernandez doesn’t possess anywhere near the strength that Gronkowski does, nor does he exhibit any of the same route-running skills, he possesses greater flexibility. This is because Hernandez can actually line up anywhere on the field he wants to. He carried the ball five times for 61 yards including a 20 yard reception coming out of the backfield against Denver in last year’s playoff.

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